Regular readers may have noticed a bit of a lull around here lately. Where are the new comics? After four years of (mostly) weekly comics, I’ve decided to change my posting schedule to a less specific interval. Things have changed quite a bit for me since I started this endeavor back in 2012– I’ve got a full-time job now, and my creative time and energy are very much a limited commodity now. Additionally, I’d like to make sure that I can get The Rime of the Ancient Mariner truly finished this year, distilled into the form of some manner of book. Combined with another Artists in Schools project at a local elementary school this spring, it’s evident I’ve got to make some adjustments to what I can expect of myself with my limited time.

To help free up some creative resources, I’ve elected to shift the posting schedule from “weekly” to “periodically”. I know that’s vague, but my hope is that you’ll see something from me around once a month, or as time allows. It’s not my intention to stop work on The Tyranny of Pants, but I need to take some of the pressure off of myself for the next few months. And I’ll be keeping busy behind the scenes too. I’ve got some ideas for upcoming projects that I’d like to work on, but I’d like to take some time to develop and polish them a bit before releasing them to an audience. Looking through the archive will show you that The Tyranny of Pants is a learn-though-experience kind of comic, and I’d like to start making things for you that weren’t feverishly rushed to completion in order to meet an entirely self-imposed deadline. I’d like to do some experimenting and doodling, and refill my creative well a bit. And I’ve still got plenty of ideas for comics to make, so don’t be a stranger– The Tyranny of Pants isn’t going anywhere just yet!