Lorie has had a few appearances in the comic so far, and she’s concerned that she’s coming off a little too much as a “sitcom wife”, as in, “oh, wacky husband, what are you up to now?” Specifically, she doesn’t want to be cast here as a dream-crushing shrew (and she is not!). In actuality, I’ve been worried about the opposite– sometimes she does and says things that would be great material for the comic, but I don’t want to turn things around here into “Lorie Does The Darndest Things”.

So, I’ll try to maintain a healthy mix as these things come up in the future, in the hope that I don’t make one of us seem either too foolish or too stolid. Meanwhile, while visiting my three-year-old niece last week, I spent a larger-than-usual amount of time wearing a tiara myself. Now that I think about it, I think Lorie was the primary architect of that fashion choice more than my niece was.