Lorie and I have been playing Warcraft again lately, and this is something that happened to me the other day… as much as something can “happen” in a virtual environment, anyway. That Night Watch Guard is seriously a force to be reckoned with, so why does he spend his time walking on a lonely forest road making sure werewolves don’t eat the pigs? Shouldn’t he be out there with the rest of us, trying to kill that giant dragon that burst out of a crack in the earth? Like a daisy? I can understand that someone needs to make sure that shambling zombies don’t trample the corn, but Deathwing might be considered an urgent agricultural pest too. And what’s his problem with me anyway? I was just trying to get to a site of archaeological interest, and maybe pick a few flowers along the way, and BOOM, out of nowhere, this guard kills me!

As you can tell, my penchant for visiting sites of historical interest and botany might mean I’m playing the game quite a bit differently than many other people. But the fact that I can do those things implies that someone else likes doing that too, right?