Ah, the good ol’ Christmas Carol. It occurs to me I’ve never actually read the source material– I’ve only ever seen various movie and stage adaptations. I think the first one I ever saw was the Mickey Mouse one, and that probably still stands out as a favorite version for me. Speaking of holiday adaptations of children’s cartoons, I was able to experience the special magic of the He-Man & She-Ra Christmas Special last week! I’d seen a fair bit of the He-Man cartoon as a kid (I remember it being more of a VHS rental thing for us… I’m not sure it was on a regular broadcast schedule on our two and a half channels), but the holiday episode was completely new to me. I’m not sure Lorie was very impressed, but I enjoyed it.

Good ol’ He-Man. That double-length episode covers a lot of ground– there’s ice beasts, giant metamorphosing robots who seem like they might be more than a little Transformer-influenced, weird little machine people, a rocket launch, interplanetary travel, lots of robot punching, and, if I recall right, something that may have literally been called “the Beast Monster”. Also, there’s She-Ra’s whole crew, who were strangers to me. Who’s the dude with the rainbow lute? What is his role on the team? I’m still not sure. Anyway… Happy New Year!