Seattle seems like it’s a mostly dog-friendly kind of town, so one tends to see a lot of them out and about when one is running around the park. I’ve also noticed that for most dogs I see out for a walk, there’s almost inevitably a “doggie bag” in tow, but it was only recently that I got to contemplating the sheer volume of canine waste product that’s being carried around by seemingly well-adjusted people. See that guy in the thousand dollar suit walking the labra-doodle? He may have a fancy phone and some kind of expensive coffee, but he’s carrying poop too.

Don’t get me wrong– I’m glad that the societal expectation of our era is that one is supposed to pick up the leavings of one’s pet from shared spaces. The less dog poop I risk stepping in each day, the better! But deigning to pick up doggy-doo also seems like one of those things that our grandparents just never would have thought about doing. Like cigarette butts, mecury-soaked mine-tailings, benzene, and fluorescent light bulbs, they would’ve just let the dog poop sit on the ground where ever it happened to land, playground or not. They had bigger fish to fry… like almost eradicating measles from the United States, getting electricity to rural areas, and building the interstate highway system.

So, thank you, poo-packers, for your dedication to the social contract of keeping fecal waste off of the lawns, sidewalks, and miscellaneous surfaces of where you are. Your efforts are appreciated!