As the comic says, we babysat an eight-month-old baby this weekend, with good results! He was asleep and everything when his folks got home, and he was presumably well-fed and all that, so it was mission accomplished for me & Lorie. I should clarify that Lorie did all the heavy-lifting though, somewhat literally in this case. Little Judah seemed to enjoy my company, but he couldn’t abide being carried around by me, so Lorie had to tote him about for much of the evening. Her arms were pretty tired by the end of the evening.

And now I think I’m going to go ahead and post the comic, since I have an engagement I need to head out the door to attend! I’ll add more to this later, I think.

More, Added Later: So, our babysitting experience has raised an interesting question for me: are we ready for kids? I’m not sure. I suppose our experience was a little abrupt– from what I can tell from folks who do have kids, there’s usually a little more ramping up, so one has an opportunity to get acclimated to the escalating and varying needs of the child. It was definitely stressful at times, particularly for my disposition, since there’s no way to “solve” a crying baby. Yes, there’s certain logical factors (diaper change, food, different food, let him explore, etc.) that can be applied, but when it comes down to it, sometimes babies seem to be upset because they’re upset, and what worked to provide a calming influence ten minutes ago won’t work now.

All this makes it sound like Judah was very upset and antagonistic, but that wasn’t the case most of the time. He wasn’t partial to diaper changes, and would “de-stabilize” when he got sleepy, but otherwise he liked to just hang out and have some attention, and was in a good mood. The most obvious change to having a theoretical child in the house for me would probably be that I’d need to be a lot more aggressive with time management if I wanted to get any work made. I’d probably have a lot more “interruptable” projects that could be suspended and resumed without trouble (i.e., more drawings and photo projects than “wet” things like paintings). I’d probably spend less time poking around on the internet reading articles about whatever, and get really good about seizing any bit of idle time to work, rather than indulge in something diversionary. Who knows? Maybe trying to work a baby into the schedule would somehow create a structured system of prolific output for me… but more likely is that I’d probably find myself too exhausted to even think of making anything until the child was four years old. In any case, Lorie and I probably won’t be making that experiment in the near future.