I made this comic for my sister, who has recently had a birthday. She, of course, is the “you” to whom this comic is addressed. She’s already seen it, actually– I presented the inked original to her for her birthday, so it’s already had its debut to a limited audience, but here it is all colored in. Just as a point of clarification, panel five is fictional– if my sister does any of the things depicted there, I haven’t been in attendance.

Panel six, however, occurred the very evening I presented this comic to her, although we may have been discussing some sort of bodily discharge, rather than internal organs specifically. Either way, my brother didn’t care for it, so the family found it extra entertaining when the comic was unveiled about an hour later.

And speaking of family, I think my Dad is now the only immediate family member to yet make an appearance, so I’ll have to work on that in the future. During this dinner, he shared a hilarious story about a series of events that transpired while preparing for some yard work, but he told me specifically that the tale was not to be the basis of his first appearance in this comic, so I’ll oblige. It’s a good story, though– you’ll just have to take my word for it.