I suspect it will be wedding fever when I next visit home, and I’m kind of looking forward to being something of a spectator for it, since this is the first round of nuptials I’ll be close to since me & Lorie got our bad selves wed a couple summers ago. I’ll be making all kinds of crazy suggestions, which is really kind of what I do anyway, so no one will likely notice a difference. They better watch out if they solicit input for a wedding playlist— we had a rockin’ one for ours.

And for those of you that I haven’t already told about this over and over again, the Unknown Hinson is a real person… or at rather the stage personality of an actual person I’ve had the privilege to see perform a kickin’ show in Bozeman several years back now. I was dismayed to discover this afternoon that he just announced that he’ll no longer be touring, but maybe he can be coaxed out of retirement.

Also, after I made the comic, I went ahead and searched for images of an H.R. Giger wedding cake, and it turns out that at least one has existed. I’m pretty sure Giger himself didn’t make it, which is probably for the best. It would probably taste… I don’t know… like metal pickles or something.