I’ve already mentioned my fashion sense tends toward “wizard”, although it might not usually be obvious. So as to not seem like a weirdo, I should clarify that I didn’t pattern my wardrobe on Gandalf– I’ve had this belt since way back in high school, some dozen or so years ago. Having clothing well into its second decade might not be helping my case, since that sounds like a different flavor of weird. I am due for a new belt, I suppose. A 21st CENTURY BELT!

Oh, and if you’re seeing this and the comic isn’t colored yet, I’m working on it. It’s been a busy day, and now I need to get packed for some Thanksgiving travel tomorrow, but I’ll hopefully get a fully colored version posted soon. Mostly I wanted to post this somewhat on schedule. So check back, and it should appear in COLOR! tomorrow.

UPDATE! [Friday, November 23rd] The comic is in color now. It took me just a bit more time than anticipated, with Thanksgiving travel and whatnot, but I got it finished on this Day-After-Thanksgiving morning. Huzzah!