I know the second anniversary is supposed to be the “cotton” anniversary (or “china/calico/garnet” by the modern reckoning), but we had a “race medal” anniversary. It wasn’t just Lorie and me, though, our friend Audrey and my folks ran the race with us, but I didn’t quite have time to get them into the comic too. My brother was there as well, although he didn’t run: he was our chauffeur and finish line photographer, and got up at 3:15 in the morning with the rest of us. He was a trooper, and even brought me & Lorie a piece of our wedding cake from the car so we didn’t have to leave the banana-tent after the run.

And Lorie did in fact run the whole race in a tutu. Oddly enough, she seemed to be the only person to do so, since it seemed like there were dozens of whimsically-attired folks at the 2012 Missoula Marathon. I don’t know if I’ll convince Lorie to run a half-marathon again, but I have a feeling there might be a race out there that she’d like.

Oh, and today I learned that evidently the “modern” gift for one’s 42nd wedding anniversary is “developed real estate.” There doesn’t seem to be a traditional equivalent listed. The forties have some good ones in general, including “optical goods” and “original poetry tribute”. Oh, and “groceries”! Hrm. Someone’s going to be in trouble if he goes by the book there.