The local zoo likes to provide some type of seasonal novelty to the animals around a holiday, so the animals got Thanksgiving dinner this year. I wasn’t able to attend, but Lorie got to see it with some friends of ours, and she reports that a Grizzly Bear can eat an entire turkey in about 10 minutes. Presumably he wasn’t in a hurry. I’m sure he could chow down a little quicker if he was pressed for time… but then again, why hurry? No one is going to take food from a bear (although a raven or crown might sneak a bit), and what else would he be doing with his day, if not eating delicious turkey that was placed in front of him? He probably doesn’t have appointments, and if he did, he’d make ’em wait. Because that’s how bears roll!

Of course, I had to wonder if all the animals received turkey for dinner, since it seemed like it would be a weird, inconvenient, or troubling thing to feed to some critters. The hippos would probably just ignore it, right? The alligators would probably love some turkey, but I have a feeling the fruit bats would find it less interesting. My understanding is that other animals got some bonus squash, or something more suitable for their diet. But, in the case of the gorillas, maybe they could set out a whole banquet table, and give them a football too.