Once you get married, you learn what a duvet is. Or at least I learned what a duvet was– in my bachelor days I gave my bedding little regard, but I’ve since encountered a whole ecosystem of textiles, like being introduced to a coral reef or kelp forest after sandy sea-floor. The duvet is basically a giant pillowcase to hold a down comforter, with an opening on one end that is much smaller than the thing that’s supposed to go into it. I don’t have much practice with it yet, but it seems to be hard to do with only one, or even two people. After a while, it starts to feel like trying to set up a sleeping bag inside of a tent that hasn’t been put up yet, but it eventually comes together.

Once we have a place of our own, you’ll probably see more comics about the undiscovered country of interior decorating. We haven’t really crossed the curtain barrier yet, nor acquired many throw pillows, but their time will come, I think.

To be fair, I’ve introduced Lorie to new and confusing things too, like walking up mountains, and chasing birds around.