Lorie and I attended a little seminar last night on chemical safety for artists, and this scenario came to mind. The lecture, by the way, was very informative. Read your labels, folks, especially if you’re pregnant, or you have little ones around the house. We know better these days, so let’s try to keep neuro-toxic chemicals out of all our bloodstreams.

As far as actual safety tips concerning photographic chemistry, I suppose I could write a fairly extensive post about that, since that was one of the pillars of my day job for several years. As you might guess from the comic, I also bore witness to some fairly irritating and troubling practices. I’ll sit down this week and try to write something truly informative for you (if you’re got questions about darkroom chemistry, anyway), but in the meantime, there is a little bit of writing about it on my dektol page. Reviewing that, it could use a little embellishment when it comes to handling and disposal, so I’ll definitely make a more proper write-up a priority for this week.

And if you feel a mighty need for more hipster comics, check out Kate Beaton’s work here and here, and spend the rest of your day in the archives if you haven’t yet seen Hark A Vagrant. Very few of them are actually about hipsters, but all are hilarious.