Yes, this comic is a bit of a re-run, being relatively “recent” from the pre-hiatus 2015 comics… but I wanted to get that bloated embarrassment off my home page before the year’s end. Perhaps he’ll be visited by three spirits who aren’t racists, fascists, and/or plutocrats on Christmas Eve, but I’m sure he’ll just watch a lot of television like usual. He’s certainly forging some chains in life, that’s for sure. Anyway, I need to make some comics in 2018 that aren’t about that abomination.

But speaking of monsters, I’m almost done with that “My First Book of Monsters” project! I’ll try to get some of those prepped for you as a preview after the New Year. I was hoping to have a finished book by Christmas… but I’m just two pages of coloring and a cover short. So, you’ll definitely hear more about it soon!