These things happen, and there’s not really much that can be done about it. Like sneezing, throat clearing, or coughing, sometimes our mucus membranes make themselves publicly known to the world. Unlike sneezing, however, where decorum permits a small social exchange even between strangers (i.e., “gesundheit”), there’s not really anything to be done about a visible booger. It happens to all of us, and yet there’s just not a good system for signaling someone to clear the channels.

But I suppose that’s what friends are for, right? It seems like a booger check should be on the unofficial list of best man duties, and I suppose close friends & family freely provide feedback about appearance (perhaps even too much). We all politely ignore the boogers of strangers (as best as one can) but what about acquaintances? And now that I think of it, should we ignore strangers’ boogers? Which is the sign of a more polite society: letting someone cruise through their afternoon with a “bogey on their six,” or intervening and causing one brief moment of minor embarrassment?

I guess this is the kind of thing I think about more since moving to the city, where I spend a lot more time on public transit, and thus, looking at strangers. Uh… not in a creepy way, though.