Halloween is coming up, but Lorie and I still don’t have our costumes figured out. The above comic presents one idea, but I’m not sure I have the time to adequately see to the costuming. Additionally, I’m not sure have the back strength for it either.

And you’ve all seen Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, right? The one with Tina Turner? If you haven’t, you should go rent it, because otherwise the comic might not make much sense at all.

And speaking of Mad Max, do you suppose that gasoline-fueled post-apocalyptic future is even at all a remote possibility anymore? Given the amount of effort it seems to take to keep a five-year old car on the road under even good conditions makes it seem like an implausible future, at least given the shelf-life of most cars today… and that’s assuming easy access to fuel. Still, having grown up in a rural area, I can say from first-hand observation that people do indeed keep machines running against all odds, even while being completely unable to find or even make the crudest of shirts.