I think every kitchen has “weird spoons”, right? You know, that one-off spoon that doesn’t match any of the other silverware? I’m pretty familiar with most of the “out of pattern” spoons that we have in the drawer: this one is from the small set of silverware I had in the dorms, that one is from… well, I don’t know where it’s from, but it’s been there for three years. Recently, a couple mysterious new spoons have been introduced to the ecology of the silverware drawer, and today’s comic posits one hypothetical (and, I should clarify, entirely fictional) explanation for how they were acquired.

I suspect the true origin of the mystery spoons is less sensational. Lorie tends to take leftovers to the workplace to be her day’s lunch, and when these empty food storage containers make their way home and into the sink, I’ll bet they sometimes have a piece of office silverware in tow. So, we’ll have to audit that drawer a bit, and send the rogue spoons back to their home, before her workmates start to wonder why break room spoons have become oddly scarce.

In other news, did you know that I’ll be teaching a series of comic-making workshops as part of a teen art camp this summer? The Art4Teens Camp in Shoreline, WA (July 27th-31st, 2015) won’t be a “out in the woods away from home” sort of camp, but will provide a week of art activities for students in middle & high school. I’ll be an instructor for two sections: a “core” class about telling stories through comics, where students will make a multi-page comic based on a fairy, folk, or tall-tale of their choice. The second section will be a shorter “elective” track focused on crafting self-contained three-panel strips. Students can enroll in either or both courses– they shouldn’t overlap too much! Other activities that will be part of the camp include steel drumming, a theatrical production, and some other visual arts, like batik and weaving. Registration isn’t limited to students in the Shoreline school district, so if you’re a youth from pretty much anywhere, you’re welcome to attend! Just keep in mind there’s no housing provided, so most of the participants are from the Shoreline/Northern Seattle area. More information can be found at the Shoreline Arts Councils website here.