If everything goes according to plan, this comic should have posted itself automatically as of sometime early this morning, as I sleep the peaceful sleep of someone on vacation! Being able to schedule things ahead of time is partially why I transitioned to the new website, but the details of that are all boring, under-the-hood things that are not likely interesting to you. For my part, I’m finding it to be rather novel that I can update and maintain a website through my phone, even though I made the comic using my usual methods.

Sadly, even technology can’t save me from itself. The crappy airport wireless dropped out while I was writing this post, and I lost an hour’s worth of phone typing! Lesson learned: type only in locally-saved text files, and then copy & paste into the web interface. I hope these airplanes are better maintained than their terminal technology: it doesn’t inspire confidence when connections vanish, and all the arrivals & departures boards are showing “out of service” messages. I even had to struggle to write this paragraph. My solution to post this was to just turn the wireless off and use the cell network. Ugh. Anyway, sorry for what has become a tedious and technical post. If you can’t tell, in trapped I an airport, which is always a recipe for delight. By the time you’re reading this, though, my tribulations will be over… until I return to the airport on Thursday.