The classroom comics continue this week, this time with an “egg comic”. When planning the project, I was initially concerned that some of the kids might have a bit of writers’ block, and not really know where to get started on making their own comic. To alleviate that possibility, I concocted a little three-panel egg template, which consisted of a simple egg-hatching story. An egg sitting in an empty white panel cracks and shakes in the second panel, and reveals its mysterious occupant in the third panel. I don’t know if the spectre of writers’ block every materialized for anyone, but it was a delight to see how many things the kids came up with that came out of eggs. Dinosaurs, squid, birds, kittens, unicorns… all kinds of things!

And I learned much about kid culture too. For example, if you see a child with a t-shirt featuring a green, 8-bit howling phallus, that is called “a creeper” and is evidently something oft encountered while playing Minecraft. Many creepers emerged from eggs through the weeks, as did many mons of the poké variety, and a few denizens of the Yu-gi-oh card game.

For my part, I started out rather conventionally with my eggs, with some turtles, snakes, and chicks, but as you can tell from this comic, I started to spiral into some weirder ones. You’ll probably see a few of those in the future. As our apartment move reaches its conclusion, I hope to get back on track with the usual Tyranny of Pants fare next week, but I’ve still got some classroom comics up my sleeve.