I’ll be spending much of my time this month at a local elementary school teaching a series of short comic-making workshops, and I thought I’d share one of my classroom creations with you. What is that cat thinking? My punchline is only one of a universe of possibilities, and while this version of the comic is “finished”, I’ve found that leaving the cat’s thought blank in the last panel leads to lots of interesting ideas from the students.

It’s been real busy around Tyranny of Pants World Headquarters lately, in part due to all this time spent back in elementary school (I’m there right now, in fact!), but also because Lorie and I are in the midst of moving! It’s just a cross-town move; we’re not relocating to a whole new town, state or country, just a new city council district. But, that means there’s been a lot of box packing, and a lot of box moving. How do we have so much stuff? It’s amazing how it accumulates. Of course, in our case, a lot of our stuff is artwork that we’ve made, and the supplies and materials to make it. We’re probably moving more aluminum screens, paint jars, pads of paper, and long-reach staplers than most households do. Speaking of which, want to buy a zine? I’ve still got inventory of the Football Zine on hand, and while they don’t take up much space, the less I have to pack up and drive across town, the better!

Anyway, between the move and the workshops, I might not have as much time on hand as I’d like to make something in the usual Tyranny of Pants six-panel format, but I’m getting a pretty good stockpile of these classroom demo comics accumulating. So I’ll no doubt be sharing more with you in the future!