As with last week’s comic, today’s comic was made in front of a live classroom audience. I don’t often make work with spectators, live and in-person, so it’s definitely been a different experience for me. But also very fun! Truth be told, I don’t do a lot of drawing-without-a-plan, so these “will this make a fifth-grader laugh?” comics have been challenging to me in a very different sort of way. I suppose it’s like an improvised musical solo, rather than a practiced or memorized one. It works some different muscles.

I’ve been feeling a little like this snail this week: slimy, frazzled, and toting stuff around. In addition to the classroom workshops and our apartment move, I’ve been stricken with a cold! It’s a very minor cold, all things considered: not severe enough to actually prevent me from doing anything, but just present enough to be make me want to spend time I don’t have sleeping. I’ll rest sometime next week, when the local school year has concluded, and, hopefully, our move has as well. And then, drawing. Lots of drawing. I’m going to finish The Rime of the Ancient Mariner once and for all, and tackle all those deferred projects!