Lorie and I actually had this conversation in the grocery store last week, and although I don’t know if this is really why those items were discounted or not, I like the idea of a “secret sale”.

If you haven’t heard of it, Hempfest is a real thing that happens in Seattle, and I think the general perception of the event is that it’s a (very) thinly veiled Marijuana Festival, where herbal remedies are promoted and people sell “decorative glassware,” or as I like to call it now, “medicinal glassware.” I’ve never been to it, so I can’t fairly report on what it actually is– perhaps it’s a group of people lobbying to make industrial use of the fibers of a very useful plant, but I have a feeling it’s a lot more like this. Maybe it’s both things at once. In any event, folks encouraging the adoption of hemp, and indeed doobie-grade cannabis, for its potential agricultural, economic, and medical benefits have a bit of an uphill marketing struggle, since “Stoner Culture” seems to be permanently anchored to the 60’s & 70’s, and seems kind of cartoonish and absurd to me.

But it seems to be a fairly harmless subculture, all things considered, and not any more dangerous to individuals or society than enthusiastic users of alcohol, cars, or firearms. Perhaps I should make it a point to visit next year’s Hempfest and actually find out what the message is, rather than just making assumptions. Besides, I heard the Seattle Police gave out free Doritos this year, and if I’m a junkie for anything, it’s those cheese-powder covered nacho chips.