If all the sky were your billboard, what would you write on it? There was in fact a sky-writer at work the other day, but conditions were just a little too windy, it seemed, for it to be very effective. The previous letter was already in the process of dissolving before the next could be finished, so a full statement was never really visible all at once, but one could figure it out. I was a little disappointed it wasn’t a marriage proposal, but at least it wasn’t an insurance ad. I suppose when one is seeing something being written in the sky, one is inevitably going to be disappointed when it doesn’t quite pan out to be something dramatic and awesome. I guess I had high expectations (wakka wakka!).

But I do like the idea of some crazed, anarchic pilot writing weird messages in the sky– like a mostly harmless super-ish villain. What will he or she write next? How many mildly obscene cloud messages would it take before someone decided to pester the city council about it? One way or another, I’m sure it will put the chemtrails folks in a fluster.

So, now I know that skywriting is still a thing that happens from time to time. Or perhaps it’s making a comeback as the hot new retro/ironic thing for aviators? It’s not really a subculture I follow.