What’s up with the guy in panel five? What was his day like to lead to that point? What made him not only snap, but, more importantly, have two cups of coffee on hand while he did it? I like to envision that he’s an attorney or an accountant or something, and he does this every day. Maybe he’s just starting his day.

So anyway, coffee. And today’s science fact: did you know there’s a detectably elevated amount of caffeine in the waters of the Pacific Northwest? Evidently it’s true of many world cities, not just the whereabouts of Coffeetown, USA here. You can read a bit about it here, but the take-away version is that you can do a quick measure of where pollutants are based on caffeine concentrations, since it’s a little bit of a canary for where sewage pollution occurs. Human urine is evidently the only reason for caffeine to be in the ocean in any measurable concentration, since I guess it doesn’t really occur naturally in the oceans otherwise. At least that’s what I think I remember hearing on the radio… I didn’t fact check it, since it’s now after midnight, and I’m not going to fall down that rabbit hole of doing a bunch of research about it. So, if you’re here to write a report or something, don’t quote me! Anyway, it’s probably not because orcas are chugging lattes or anything. Alright, I’m going to bed now.