You know how it is, right? It’s a nice evening– it’s finally warm enough to walk around without a coat, and you go out for a walk to the Greek Restaurant down the street. You have some dinner, and then on the way home, you hear a roaring lion. We didn’t actually think too much of it, because the bit of information that doesn’t appear in the comic is that we were walking past the the zoo, where it’s much more plausible to hear the sounds of an exotic animal whooping into the evening air. I wonder if I would’ve noticed if the roars came from the wrong side of the street, implying that an escapee was feasting on some urban chickens or something. I guess it wouldn’t be that weird– I’m from Montana, where we still have the large predators that other states name their subdivisions after. We like to play up that rough & wild aspect of the state, but the reality is that when I think of the things that have killed people I know unexpectedly, the biggest hazard in the state is the motorcycle, rather than a predator.

So, don’t drive drunk, don’t be in a hurry, especially don’t be in a hurry when the weather is bad, and don’t smoke. Also, maybe don’t take up ice climbing as a hobby, and don’t handle guns flippantly. Uh, don’t go near a river when it’s in flood stage… what else? Watch out for avalanches, and, I shouldn’t have to say this but it’s happened a few times: don’t hydroplane your snowmobile across a lake in the middle of summer when you don’t know how to swim. That’s literally trying to get a Darwin Award, and statistically snowmobiles are dangerous enough on snow. Anyway, my point is, don’t worry about predatory animals… the deer are the real guys who have it out for you, especially if you’re keeping them as a pet.