References to literature are everywhere, if you know where to look! What also comes to mind walking through this section of the store is a catchy song from Futurama, which I sing as “Chicken Hell”. Inevitably, I hum the tune for the rest of the day.

I don’t know if it varies from store to store, but the rotisseries in the Bozeman location seem to actually have the model designation “Inferno”. Based on a cursorial re-examination of Inferno, one might categorize the rotisserie as a version of Dante’s sixth circle, the “red-hot sepulchers” of Canto X. According to Dante, this is where heretics are condemned to spend their eternity. This is also the domain of the Epicureans, which seems vaguely interesting since “epicurean” is a term we often apply in modern times to gourmet dining.

Anyway… that’s all the theological/literary speculation I’ll do for now regarding the American warehouse-store landscape, which kind of lends itself to all sorts of Divine Comedy parallels. I’m not sure how many similarities there are to be found to Paradisio, though… I don’t think Dante mentions delightful giant slices of pizza, or free samples of pot-stickers and hummus, but maybe it’s in there somewhere. The imagery of the first two parts of the poem tends to be bit more vivid and memorable, but maybe the third part involves some angelic aspect with a microwave distributing egg-roll samples and little cups of chocolate-covered blueberries, and I’ve just forgotten.