Lorie and I made the trip to Montana last year for the holidays, but we didn’t encounter that much snow. We’ve seen a bit more this trip, although fortunately (mostly) not on our driving days. I think it’s because I didn’t pack my snow boots, naively thinking I wouldn’t need to do that much trudging around in the snow. Well, they’d have had plenty of occasion for use these last couple days. They’ll be a must-pack item in future winter visits, whether I expect to go for many winter walks or not.

Nevertheless, I do like snow… when I absolutely don’t have to drive in it. Once I’ve arrived at my destination, I enjoy watching it fall, safely ensconced in a warm shelter, ideally with a warm beverage in hand. If I have to drive in the next day or two, though, my concern grows in proportion to the distance I have to travel.

Oh, and look at that… I’d better get to bed. I’m working late again, and I don’t want Santa to come by and find me up and about, or he might bypass the house. Merry Christmas everyone!