It’s not quite spring yet, but the birds seem to be singing a little bit more lately. Of course, Seattle has year-round robins, so as far as I’m concerned, the whole city always kind of feels like it’s on the verge of spring, since there’s almost always some kind of flower to be seen, a hummingbird flying around, or green grass. I guess the earlier sunrise is starting to make the birds a little more active! I know I’m finding it easier to wake up earlier when it’s brighter out.

I feel like Seattle could really use some more birds, though. While I appreciate every species that calls the city home, I guess I was spoiled by a little bit more variety in Montana. Or maybe not “variety” per se, but more frequent “guest birds”, if that makes any sense. In Bozeman, for example, you wouldn’t see a Western Tanager every day, but they’d come through in the early summer, and be a nice little treat to spot lurking in the trees. Maybe I’m just not frequenting the bird habitats of the city enough, though. I literally just run through the park during most visits, so I should plan some more attentive outings. And perhaps I can pay more attention to the gulls… do we have just one species of gull in the area, or are there several? I shall investigate!