Lotion has rules apparently, and at some point I wasn’t around when they were being taught. I’ve just been putting it on my face like a barbarian, without consideration for where it’s supposed to go. Granted, lotions and other cosmetics aren’t evaluated by the FDA, so who knows what sort of chemical interactions could occur when they’re combined with one another. But, fundamentally, is the skin of my face different than the skin of my hands, shoulders, or thighs? And, for that matter, my face is the only thing to which I apply lotion, so it’s not like I’m smearing contaminated-butt-lotion on my nose. I know there’s superficial differences between different “skin zones”, like density of hair follicles, thickness of epidermis, and so on, but it’s not as though I’m vinyl in one place, porcelain in another, and pyrex somewhere else, so I figure I can probably use the same cleaners throughout, as long as no rash develops or something.

I’ve gotten fancier in the last couple years, though: now I use a separate shampoo and conditioner, since that’s evidently better for my hair? I don’t know. I’m slowly getting the hang of this sort of stuff, but my general skincare tenets are “keep it clean”, “shave periodically”, and something to the effect of “keep the outside out and the inside in.”

Alright, that’s probably enough talking about skin for one day. I think I’ll get this posted, and then go take a shower, because I want to emphasize that I am a hygienic and clean person.