As you might guess from the comic, Lorie and I are travelling to Montana this weekend for a baby shower. Contrary to what’s portrayed, I haven’t actually done anything to help facilitate the event, so I’m not certain what my role in this gathering will be, aside from “uncle-to-be”. I have almost no baby shower experience from which to make predictions, but it’s entirely possible I’ll be the only gentleman in attendance? I’m not even sure if my brother-in-law will be there. But, hopefully the weekend will allow me & Lorie to finally meet our newest niece, who was born back in September.

Meanwhile, how are we already (almost) halfway through November? Wasn’t Halloween just last week? This whole year just seems like it’s going entirely too fast. But, you might be interested to learn that there’s a bit of Rime of the Ancient Mariner news coming up relevant to 2016. If you happen to be in Oregon, and happen to be near Roseburg, you’ll be able to see the original ink drawings from the project as part of a show that will be on view at Umpqua Community College all through January 2016. I’ll have more details as the exhibition draws nearer, so think of this as a “teaser announcement” of sorts. I suspect 2016 will be a big year for the Rime, since it should finally go public after all this time drawing and coloring the darn thing!