While there is some convenience to having a water bottle with a good seal, it can sometimes lead to some embarrassing sounds if you give it an inadvertent squeeze. Most of the time this is a harmless phenomenon, and can even provide some entertainment, but when one is running around one of the more utilized pedestrian paths in the city on a nice summer day, I worry about misunderstandings. But why worry, really? Biology is a fact of life, and everyone is wearing headphones anyway.

June already, can you believe it? It’s shaping up to be a busy month for me, but hopefully it won’t directly affect the comic too much. Lorie and I will be moving to a new apartment across town, so that’s certainly going to be our big project of the next few weeks, but I’m also simultaneously teaching some comic-making workshops at a local elementary school. Consequently, I’m worried it’s going to curtail my productivity somewhat. But fear not, things should stabilize to a more normal state by the end of the month. I hope! I’m also doing some more teaching this summer, at the Art4Teens Camp camp in Shoreline, just north of Seattle. Allow me to just copy & paste a little something I posted a couple weeks ago…

The Art4Teens Camp in Shoreline, WA (July 27th-31st, 2015) won’t be a “out in the woods away from home” sort of camp, but will provide a week of art activities for students in middle & high school. I’ll be an instructor for two sections: a “core” class about telling stories through comics, where students will make a multi-page comic based on a fairy, folk, or tall-tale of their choice. The second section will be a shorter “elective” track focused on crafting self-contained three-panel strips. Students can enroll in either or both courses– they shouldn’t overlap too much! Other activities that will be part of the camp include steel drumming, a theatrical production, and some other visual arts, like batik and weaving. Registration isn’t limited to students in the Shoreline school district, so if you’re a youth from pretty much anywhere, you’re welcome to attend! Just keep in mind there’s no housing provided, so most of the participants are from the Shoreline/Northern Seattle area. More information can be found at the Shoreline Arts Councils website here.

I’m getting pretty excited about it, and seeing what the kids have been making during these short workshops I’ve been doing lately has made me really curious as to what kind of creativity they’ll unleash on a longer project! So, with that, I had better get this comic posted, assemble my materials, and get ready to sweep into the classroom once more.