My closet is probably full of various fashion crimes, and my belt almost never matches my shoes, which is a thing, I understand. I can never remember whether your belt is supposed to match your shoes, or not match them. Really I suppose it doesn’t matter, though, because I own one belt, and one pair of everyday shoes, so until I replace one of them, they’re going to clash.

Fun fact about this comic: it’s the first one I made that’s entirely digital, so it looks a little goofy. My process prior to this involved an ink drawing on paper, but it’s just a little impractical to tote along a bunch of ink and a pad of bristol paper while in Europe when one is trying to have just one suitcase.

Meanwhile, today is my last day at Jentel, last morning in fact, and Lorie will be here to pick me up in about an hour. So, I had better go get to packing, and move my laundry to the dryer!