I think I would watch pretty much any of these events. Heck, I’d want to be a competitor for these events, although I don’t think I could do any of them at a world-class level. That’s no reason to not do them, however! Trapeze is, of course, a real thing that people do (primarily in circuses, to my knowledge), but you may be surprised to know that chess boxing is a real thing. I did not make it up! The basic premise is that competitors alternate between rounds of chess, and rounds of boxing. Basically one wins either through knock-out, or checkmate. I may seriously have to try it sometime.

Can you tell I’ve been watching the Olympics this week? It’s been years since I’ve followed an Olympics closely, more by circumstance than preference (usually due to the fact that I’ve lacked access to a television, the broadcast network, or both), but I’ve been mostly catching the big highlights for the last several days of competition. So far, at least in the evenings, it mostly seems to be the swimming and gymnastics show, which I feel like I’m just not into as much as everyone else seems to be. They’re fine and all, but I like giving the other sports (and athletes) some time in the spotlight too. And, for that matter, the United States doesn’t have to be a competitor for me to want to watch it. I’m all for rooting for the home team and all, but I enjoy seeing how Hungary is doing too. It’s an international event, after all.