I was going to make a completely different comic this week, but then this idea drifted into my head yesterday morning while I was laying in bed in a sort of morning reverie, floating in-between dreams and reality. Sometimes such ideas turn out to be entirely ridiculous once I’ve gathered my wits and made the first cup of coffee (i.e., “oh, wait, that’ll never work– fish aren’t magnetic“), but this one seemed to be a little more workable.

In other news, I visited Short Run this weekend, and had a great time seeing all of the various zines & comics that were there. Well, “seeing all” in the figurative sense, that is– there were thousands of things there, and I couldn’t read or buy everything that caught my eye! Making zines is one of my great delights, and I don’t do it nearly as often as I’d like, but my hope is to make the coming year much more prolific in that regard. To that end, I’ve finished the “Football Zine,” which is now available for purchase! It’s kind of my first “product” and I don’t quite have a good way to sell it to you yet, but you can technically get your hands on it via this link. It’s basically just some explanatory text and a Paypal button at the moment, but my hope is that directing you to it now, before it’s technically “ready”, will light a fire under me to get moving and post some images to craft something a little more presentable for you.