When we moved in to the new apartment this summer, I was delighted to find that ospreys were frequenting the area. As it turns out, there is (was?) a whole family of them in a nest on one of the light posts at the rail yard. Now that the season is moving in to autumn, they don’t seem to be quite as active, so perhaps they’re dispersing a bit, or maybe I’m simply not hearing their whistling calls as much, since we’ve been keeping the windows closed more often with the cooler weather.

In the meantime, we’ve got Stellar’s Jays all up-ins around here lately. They’ve been around town the whole year, but they seem to be a little more active/visible/populous around the apartment now that it’s after Labor Day. What are they up to? Maybe there’s an attractive food source that has come into season. Or maybe they’ve discovered the cat food that old lady leaves in the alley for a local stray (and the crows, and the seagulls…) at 6 am. But, I haven’t seen her around as often lately. Perhaps she’s been getting out later as the sun rises later. Or maybe she’s on vacation? Anyway, that’s the Neighborhood Bird And Old Lady report for this week!