Normally I just pick up litter, and don’t encourage feeding people-food to wildlife, but I’ll usually make an exception when it comes to corvid-business. They seem more attentive to human affairs than other birds, and are famous for their vendettas against those who cross them, so I just try to treat them in a neighborly fashion and let them do their thing, opening the occasional take-out box to facilitate their access to the contents. I don’t know what sort of service or aid the crows could provide if they wanted to return the favor, although evidently one young lady in the city befriended the crows to such an extent that they started to bring her shiny objects. So, perhaps one day I will gain enough street-cred with the crows that they will bring me a variety of small objects, and I will make a necklace out of them, like some sort of junkyard Mr. T.

Oh, and since springtime is on the way, it seems like a good time to remember what to do with a baby crow that has “fallen out of the nest”: leave it be!