It’s my brother’s birthday this week, which made me think of this event that occurred on the occasion last year. Or at least I what I think occurred. I wasn’t there, and as such am not exactly a reliable narrator. So, in the parlance of the movie industry, one could probably say this comic is “inspired by true events”.

My family has never really trucked much with recreational substances, so consequently I haven’t had any experience with such things. Honestly, I don’t think I’d be able to correctly identify a unit of marijuana if I were looking at it… I’d probably have the opposite reaction from the comic, and just assume it was loose-leaf tea. I’m pretty much a square, I guess.

So… does marijuana actually look anything like tea? I surmise it might, based on some slang from various Kerouac writings. I must’ve seen some at some point when I was in Amsterdam, but apparently it didn’t make much of an impression on me. The Amsterdam gift shops did, though: they’re almost as weird as the 50,000 Silver Dollar Bar’s Gift Shop, but cater a little more to British stag parties than bikers.