There’s a lot of holiday music out there, but is there any holiday hip-hop? It would be interesting if someone grabbed the reins of the rage and frustration that drives so much of the genre, and then funneled it toward holiday shopping and consumerism. It could be like “Gangster’s Paradise” meets… well, observational humor. No Parking Spots at the Mall! Some Assembly Required! Out of Inventory Until January 6th! Conflicting Holiday Parties! What the Heck Should I Get For Dad? It sounds like it would become inherently humorous, but it could go in a serious direction, searching for the spiritual meaning of the season that gets ever more shadowed by consumer celebration… kind of like themes explored decades ago in the Charlie Brown Christmas. Of course, introspective music, hip-hop or not, probably won’t get get much radio play around the holidays, since people would probably rather hear another version of White Christmas than a catchy polemic about credit card debt.

Anyway, I hope you have a Merry Christmas this week, and have safe travels if you, like me, are also on the road for the holidays!