The important part is that it’s a functioning smoke detector, right? I should probably fix it up regardless.

Now that I think of it, I remember as a little kid that sometimes the household smoke detector would just spontaneously go off from time to time, and our family theory was that a little spider inside the device had inadvertently bridged a circuit or something, tripping the alarm for a few seconds as it was presumably vaporized. Stranger things have happened, I suppose, and I guess we call unattributable errors “bugs” for a reason.

I’m not sure I’ve mentioned it for a bit here, but remember how I’m working on illustrating The Rime of the Ancient Mariner this year? I’m nearing the end of the year of illustration, and, to prepare for the next phases of the project, I’m trying to build a mailing list to let folks know how it’s going if they don’t check in on this site all the time. In fact, I’ve just set up a list-management account just this morning, so if you’re interested in being one of the very first subscribers (there’s no fee, charge, or financial obligation, I should point out), try signing up a this link: I’m not planning on sending out more than one newsletter per month (if even that frequently), and if you’re interested in receiving the occasional show postcard in the mail too, I think that link will allow you to input a mailing address too. And of course, you can let me know if you’d like to receive messages from me the old fashioned way: send me an e-mail telling me to add you to the list!