I’ll just let this one speak for itself for now, since it’s kind of late and I think I’m going to go to bed. So, check back tomorrow and I’ll likely have written a bit more!

The Next Day…

I’m back, fully rested, and ready to write a paragraph or two. In some ways, some of my peculiar household habits aren’t all so…. unusual. I’m sure I do a few things that are actually clever or efficient, but all that comes to mind right now is closing the lid on the toilet to insure that toothbrushes and cell phones don’t plunge into a watery doom, which everyone should do.

I guess things like small spills and such this are why folks carried handkerchiefs around in olden times, although I should clarify that I’ve never used my sock to wipe my nose. They just come in handy from time to time when one finds oneself without a convenient napkin or towel. They’re frequently washed, and mostly out of sight, so what could possibly go wrong?

Also, Lorie wants me to specify that this is an unsanctioned habit. She neither participates or approves! I’ll bet it’s all part of my rugged appeal, though. And in terms of setting drinks on furniture, I’m usually very pro-coaster– it feels weird for me to set a drink down on a naked surface without something under it. I guess that’s why my sock sometimes serves that purpose in the first place.