I suppose this comic mostly explains itself. Sometimes Lorie and I go out for walks around town, and then a series of perfectly ordinary decisions pile up to create a misleading portrait of us. Yes, we walked out of the grocery store having only purchased ice cream and several small bottle of vodka, but that’s not our routine! Then again, why should I worry? Grocery stores sometimes get some interesting characters hanging out in front of them. We smelled like soap, didn’t publicly defecate, produced our (dry!) currency from conventional places, and didn’t yell unintelligible but indeterminately obscene things to no one in particular. Parents in front of a grocery store probably have better things to worry about than a pair of thirty-somethings buying non-essential groceries.

I think we still have some of those cookies in the pantry, actually. Oh! And the ice cream! Alright, this is enough of a post– it’s snack-time!