Lorie has been planning a bachelorette party for a friend for several months now, and with just a few weeks to go before the event, the schedule is coming together. It sounds like it will be quite the weekend, although not particularly “wild” or anything. We’re a pretty tame crowd, all things considered, and I’m trying to remember the last time I stuck around somewhere long enough for a last call.

I’ve got some planning of my own to do, however: with my brother getting married this September, I need to plan a bachelor party for him! I’m not quite sure what it will entail, but I’m sure I’ll be able to work some go-carts in there somewhere. If you’ve got any suggestions, let me hear ‘em– sometimes I’ve got goofy ideas about what constitutes an awesome day/night out, and I’m also not sure what his friends‘ interests are like. I think the event will be back in Bozeman, so that should keep me from going too off the rails– but we’ll see. If I could find arcade with one of these in it, I think we’d be off to a good start.