I wasn’t able to try the “honey wasabinaise” Lorie devised in this week’s comic, but I can report that she seems to have weathered the storm just fine, and will no doubt continue her grand experiments in the kitchen. Despite the wasabinaise experiment (which perhaps was only flawed by the inclusion of an ingredient of dubious edibility), Lorie is the much more creative chef between the two of us, and has a true talent for making improvised meals. She puts all kinds of things together, whipping up sauces from scratch, and making use of forgotten cans of whatever from the back of the pantry until she’s produced a very respectable casserole. My improvised cooking, on the other hand, tends to be more remedial: I’ll dig around the fridge, looking for things that don’t require an undue amount of fiddly chopping, and then whip up… uh… rice with fried onion and… barbeque sauce. Ta-da! I might have to try that, actually. Maybe I can just throw some chicken or something in there, and call the whole thing Kansas City Stir Fry. I’ll let you know how it turns out.