You’ve heard about the recent launch of the Falcon 9/Dragon capsule, right? It was unmanned, but there were some passengers on board, in a sense. This isn’t the first time that human remains have been sent into space… or James Doohan’s remains, for that matter, but several years ago when I heard about a space probe with blood samples on it (I don’t remember if it was actually launched, or simply planned) a particular scenario came to mind, which forms the subject of today’s comic. I had opportunity to discuss it with my brother, with the current news about the Dragon payload, but he didn’t seem phased by my plans for indirect long-term global conquest.

My family has been exposed to my crazy ideas for most of their lives, so they usually have one of two responses: moving on as if nothing had happened, or the blank stare. It’s nice to know that I can still trip my siblings up every now and then. As Lorie has discovered over the years, though, no response is necessary: if I get an idea, I keep going and going. They might not be good or particularly useful ideas, but maybe there’s some value hidden in some of my oracular meanderings. I don’t consider myself a talkative person, but sometimes I can surprise even myself when I get going. And then little gems like this emerge from them from time to time.