Today is the first day of autumn, right? We’re officially in fall, which in addition to dry leaves and Halloween, means something else is imminent. The pumpkin spice must flow!

But anyway, the tree depicted in this week’s comic is probably reflecting my own attitude a little more than that of the general state of the foliage of the city. There’s still lots of green leaves around, and everything is starting to look a bit refreshed after a few proper rainy days this month. But there are a couple trees that seem to be closing up shop just a little too quick to be dignified. Why, just this yesterday I shuffled through a pretty good pile of orange leaves that had accumulated on the sidewalk. There’s other signs too– the geese are getting kind of restless, and there’s just a certain tint that the sunlight has taken too. Change on the wind, says I. It’s getting to be cider time again. Speaking of which, I think I might go heat some up now.