I’m on vacation for the next two weeks, but I’ve still got a little something for you here at the Tyranny of Pants! I’m in Florida with the family, and while when we were planning the vacation over the summer, I decided to sign up for the Disney World Marathon. I’ve never run a race at that distance before, and running through the Disney parks while cartoon characters waved at me seemed like a good place to start! So, six months ago, I started work on what I intended to be an extended side project of a few training diary zines… but I got busy, and couldn’t keep up with it after eleven pages. It seemed a like a waste to just let those pages sit abandoned, so I’ve decided to share what I had finished with you!

I’ll be posting a page a day for the next couple weeks (Monday through Friday), so check back daily for a new page! And the race itself was yesterday, so perhaps I’ll have to make a little epilogue to this project to let you know how it went.