In Montana, it seems that old gas/service stations are simply left to deteriorate, or, as in the case of Bozeman several years ago, temporarily serve as the local GOP headquarters. Sometimes they’ll get torn down, and replaced with a flashy new gas station. Alternatively, the old old ones are turned into bars or restaurants, and called The Garage. Things seem to move a little quicker in Seattle, though, and unoccupied spaces seem to rarely go through the one to two year mourning period of staying empty while someone tries to sell it. During the last year, I noticed one station on Highway 99 get converted from what was an empty service station into what seems to be a jaunty-looking Caribbean restaurant. In the case of the Empty Shell, though, it’s been closed and all fenced off for a few months now, so we’ll see what it might turn into.

Oh! And remember last week’s comic? I actually shaved and wore one of the options presented… for about half an hour. I was clean-shaven for the wedding, but I made sure to take a few photos of myself in my transitory state in the hours prior to the rehearsal dinner. Against my better judgement, I will probably share one of these images with you.