In actuality, Lorie would be disappointed if she were to find me busily working on our taxes, because she loves doing them each year. If I were to have them finished and ready to sign, I’d have deprived her of an annual activity from which she derives a great deal of satisfaction, so I generally leave it to her, and make sure the paperwork is in order and organized. And in the meantime, should she have any D&D character-making needs, I’m always ready to step in and fulfill that task, since she inexplicably has little interest in that process.

As for me, I enjoy making characters. I’m certainly not what they call “in the parlance” a min/maxer, munchkin, or powergamer, but I like choosing the collection of attributes and skills that can contribute to an interesting (if not particularly effective) adventurer to bring to the table. One such experiment was a “bard-barian” I made a couple years ago, mashing together the attributes of a bard and barbarian to create one gnarly dude who sang songs of glory while wielding a whirling spiked chain OF DOOM. He needs more field-testing, though, since he only saw a couple of level one sessions and his long-term viability (or usefulness) was never quite determined. He might be the D&D equivalent of a spork: useful if you don’t have anything else, but not exactly well-suited to anything in particular. Of course, some might say as much about the bard class in general, but I like ‘em.

I could probably go on and on about D&D for awhile, but since it’s nearly midnight and I need to get this posted, I’ll just leave it at that.