I tend to be pretty formulaic in my pre-race diet, sticking with some reliable foods that allow me to run in well-fueled comfort. I usually opt for plenty of water in the days before, with a night-before dinner of spaghetti. It’s usually nothing too fancy– plenty of noodles, meat sauce, and trying not to eat too much of it out of an over-enthusiastic attempt to “carb load”. Before this race, though, we varied two variables during the spaghetti prep: whole grain noodles, and the addition of a fairly significant portion of chopped cabbage to the sauce. We’re trying to eat healthier! It wasn’t until I was circumnavigating Mercer Island that I began to reflect on the fact that cabbage is one of those “makes you gassy” foods.

Nevertheless, things were fine! I didn’t have any post-race “events” that afflict some runners, and I spent the rest of the day feeling awesome. My legs were tired, but my feet weren’t even sore by the end of it, which is quite an improvement from previous races. I feel like I’m getting better at this sort of thing!

In retrospect, the cabbage may have been unwise, but I could’ve done worse. I saw one guy pounding a coffee and eating a bran muffin five minutes before the start of the race, and I couldn’t help but wonder what the next hour or two of his day was going to be like. Maybe that’s the secret, though: he could’ve been the guy who won.