Lest anyone get the wrong impression, I should clarify that the events described in today’s comic are definitely fictional! Well, one key part is fictional: no one got near-dipped in weenies. But I did hang out with my niece at a baby shower while my brother moved furniture off-site with my Dad. We just kind of sat on the couch and took naps, periodically twitching ourselves awake.

In other news, I’ve got more details regarding the upcoming Rime of the Ancient Mariner show in Roseburg, Oregon! The show will run from January 4th through February 4th, and be showcased on the Umpqua Community College campus at the UCC Art Gallery in the Whipple Fine Arts Building. I’m not sure if there will be any sort of reception associated yet, but my hope is to get back to Roseburg sometime in January to see it all on the wall. I think it’s all getting installed sometime this week before the winter break, and will be all set for public viewing at the start of the new quarter. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty excited about it!

It’s a weird feeling though, to have that big pile of drawings off and away out of the house, after being so focused on it for several years. I’ve still got the “make-a-book-out-of-it” phase ahead of me, but it’s nice that the project is starting to go out into the world on adventures of its own!